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Should I fight my Frisco speeding ticket in court?

Yes. Your best bet is to fight the ticket and hope that the officer doesn't show up to court. This will often, but not always, result in the ticket being dismissed.

Judges are human and will take your character into account. Show up at court in a suit. Address the judge as Your Honor and Sir or Ma'am. Bring well organized evidence that you're a good student, that you have no other traffic violations, that you volunteer in your community, etc and have extra copies that you can leave with the court.

Prove to the judge that you really are a good person, that you made a mistake and that you are doing whatever you can not to repeat it.

Be humble and don't give any attitude at all.

And it will be easiest to simply Call a local traffic ticket lawyer where you got the ticket.

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How do speeding tickets impact Frisco, TX insurance rates?

For a traffic ticket to impact your insurance rate it has to:

* Appear on your driving record

*Be noticed by your insurance company

A traffic ticket may not appear on your record if the violation was out of state or if it's a non-moving violation or a violation that incurs no points. That's case dependent.

Traffic tickets are not reported directly to insurance companies. Insurance companies must pull (and pay for) a state's record for a driver, which should contain the list of violations. The insurance companies have algorithms in place to determine how often to check an individual driver's record based on the likelihood that they'll find something on there that they don't know about and the additional amount they can charge if they do find something. Thus if you're a 45-year-old soccer mom driving a minivan, your record is probably less likely to get pulled than a 21-year-old male with a Corvette.

Every insurance company has a different method for treating traffic tickets - if they ignore one, or assign a different number of points based on the violation, and how much the surcharge (or discount reduction) would be. Some companies will drop you altogether for too many tickets.


Best thing to say when the insurance company asks if you have any violations is to ask them to check your record, since they will anyway, and you don't want to give them any information that they might not otherwise find.

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How big is a traffic court and how long does a case last in Frisco?

Most traffic court cases are pretty quick - less than 10 minutes or so from the time your case is called to the time a verdict is reached; less if it's a mitigation hearing where you're just explaining why you did what you did, more if the defendant calls a bunch of witnesses or has actual legal arguments to present against the ticket or the evidence.

The usual case looks something like this:

- The prosecutor read the charges;

- The defendant pleads not guilty;

- The police officer who made the stop gives his testimony;

- The defendant cross-examines the police officer;

- The prosecution rests;

- The defendant takes the stand and testifies;

- The defendant is cross-examined by the prosecution;

- The defense rests; and

- The judge issues a verdict.

Almost every traffic court handles hundreds of cases like this each day, and has a pretty good flow for getting them resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some things may vary by jurisdiction, but this is probably a decent overview of what you can expect procedurally.

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